Sometimes you just need a little something EXTRA on your pizza, that's why Johnny D's created a list of delicious gourmet pies with unique ingredients that we think hit the spot!! 

For the hot head - BUFFALO PIZZA - fresh grilled chicken, spicy buffalo sauce, tomato sauce and mozzerella sm $14.49 med $16.50 large $19.49 

For the flavor saveur - BUFFALO BACON RANCH PIZZA - white pie with crispy chicken cooked in our delicious mild buffalo sauce, topped with bacon and drizzled with ranch dressing sm $16.99 med $19.49 large $21.99

For the salad lover  - CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD PIZZA Crispy chicken, romaine lettuce, mozzerella, caesar dressing and parmigiano. Why choose between salad or pizza....have both! sm $14.49 med $16.49 large $19.49

For the carnivor - STEAK CACCIATORE PIZZA -  Lean steak strips, tomato sauce, green peppers, mushrooms, onions and mozzerella sm $14.49 med $16.49 large $19.49

For the vegetarian - FLORENTINIAN PIZZA - Fresh eggplant & spinach, sliced tomato, ricotta, garlic sauce and mozzerella sm $14.49 med $16.50 large $19.49

For the sweet & salty - HAWAIIN PIZZA - ham, pineapple, tomato sauce and mozzerella sm $14.49 med $16.50 large $19.49

For the garlic lover - JOHNNY D'S WHITE PIZZA - ricotta, fresh tomato, garlic & olive oil and mozzerella. (available with or without ricotta)
sm $14.99 med $17.49 large $19.49

For the true Italian - SICILIAN - A 16 x 16 extra thick, square pizza. Deep dish. $17.95 


....and for THE LARGEST SLICES IN SOUTH JERSEY, ask about the "BIG JOHNNY" 36' cut into 8,16,or 24 slices $32.99






Save room for dessert! (all prices are per slice but can be purchased in full cakes/trays)

New York Cheesecake $3.99

Triple Chocolate Cake $3.99

Carrot Cake $3.99

Lemon Cello Cake $3.99

Homemade Flan $4.00